BCA Pink Week - Day 3 - Drips and Stripes

Back with another Breast Cancer Awareness manicure.

Today I decided to go with one of the more trendy designs in nails - the drip.

More precisely - the drip and stripe.

Haha...I just dubbed that it's new name.  

Breast Cancer Fact #3

So this mani was totally easy sort of. I started with a white base and when semi dry I just ran a long striper brush through black acrylic paint and drew the stripes on. These are definitely the best freehand stripes I have ever done.

Then I took this neon pink acrylic paint and drew my blobby drips on. The neon paint sucked so bad. Even in acrylic paints they can't make an opaque neon. So after doing about 3 lumpy coats of that garbage, I went back over it with an opaque barbie pink paint.

Then I dotted on a few pink dots and dragged them up a little to look like they were droplets off of the bigger drips.

Finished with a coat or two of top coat and voila! So glad I tried this out, I love how bright and bold it was!

Image Map

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