BCA Pink Week - Day 6 - Zebradient

We're getting down to the wire on the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Week. Hopefully you've seen the other ladies flaunting their pinks this week - I have been sooo busy this week I haven't seen any (or anything else) - so I'm hoping at the end we have some links I can send you to to see them all. Anyway - tomorrow is the last day, and today is not, so let's see what I did!

Breast Cancer Fact #6


Zeebs!!!  For this I started with a gradient base, which consisted of white and Flamingo by Color Club.

I have a random hot pink striper polish (I think it's by KISS) I used to make the zebra stripes here.

And then I just finished it off with some top coat - I know...can you believe it's shiny and NOT matte? Me either.

Come back tomorrow to see the final BCA mani!!

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