Blog Updates 2.0

Oh hi again! Here I am with more stuff you don't care about!
I thought I should mention if you read my post from a day or two ago regarding new updates to the blog navigation, that it is, in fact, already outdated information.

I spent the last few days going ahaead and pushing forward on my Gnarly Gnails v.2.0
Originally I was going to wait until January to overhaul, but I REALLY wanted to clean up the movement of the blog right now, so I think in January I will overhaul the graphics only.

So let me tell you a little bit about whats new NOW...

Top Sticky Navigation - a full menu of items you can browse through (Browse By lets you go through different areas of nail themes, Info is some boring blogger stuff most people won't care about, etc...)
This navigation will stay at the top of the page even after you scroll, so you can always get to the good stuff or go back to the front page

I mentioned the other day also that I now had a search bar - and I still do, only now you can find THAT in the top bar too with the other cool above mentioned menu items.

The sidebar is getting cleaner. I re-hauled the graphics and made them slightly less goofy and a bit more stylized.

I hope these things will enhance your viewing of the blog - that's seriously ALL I am doing for a couple of months (I know, I say that all the time I'm sure) - so come by the home page and check out all of the new stuff!

And stay tuned later this week for some more OPI swatches, a new GIVEAWAY, as well as some Delush swatches!

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