Delush Polish - Partial Review of The Slice of Life Collection

Hey guys!
Well this post was supposed to be up HOURS ago. 
Unfortunately, my computer had a meltdown, in which I too almost had a meltdown/breakdown.
In the last 3 years I have gone through 4 computers, and I was certain this was headed toward #5.
My internet totally stopped working, and I was then tricked by Microsoft into thinking that a "refresh" would fix this problem AND keep all of my stuff.
It kept all of my FILES, but it completely obliterated everything else. I had to spend hours just trying to download a browser to get back online. And it still wasn't getting online...
I finally got enough wifi to download firefox (i WAS using chrome) and see if my problem was just chrome, and coupled with moving much closer to the router, it seems to have least for now. But I've lost all of my programs I use to blog, mainly Photoshop. So it might be slow going for me to get things moving forward again...sorry if I'm out a few days or so fixing things. Blah. Let's enjoy this post now.

So today I have 3 of the new polishes from The Slice of Life Collection from Delush Polish.

Dark Passenger is a teal jelly polish full of rainbow colored holographic glitters in different sizes, but all smallish. Nice polish for the girl who doesn't love the giant indie glitterbombs.

Shown here at 3 coats with no undies, formula was great, not too thick or thin.

Truth be told, this one COULD use a colored base, even at 3 coats it was still a bit sheer, but not too bad in life, just macro.

The beauty of layering without undies is you get the awesome depth of glitter!

Next up is Master of Disguise - a stunning brown jelly base with autumnal colored glitters in multiple sizes. Yep - WINNER.

Also shown at 3 coats with no base - this one covers a little better, 3 coats was plenty even for macro. The golds and reds, orange and yellows mixed with the brown jelly makes this a super polish for fall.

The formula on this is also very good. It flows nice, had no problems with any application.

Now - I LOVE this polish, I LOVE IT SO MUCH, but wait....

MATTE. OMG. I love this SO SO SO SO much matted that I was sad to remove it to swatch the next one. So sad in fact that after I was done swatching these, I went back and re-applied this to wear to our fall party tonight!

And lastly we have Tonight's The Night - a thicker black jelly base with pastel colored glitters - some large, some holo - all kinds of goodies in here!

Here I managed to pull off just 2 coats of Tonight's the Night - look at that awesome holo purple circle on my index! Watch it change colors!

See now its red! I love the combination of glitters in this.
This is definitely a fun little party glitter, and the black base is sheer enough not to cover the glitters up, which is always something I like in a glitter polish.

And matte...swoon! I think every polish should be matted - did you know that?

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