Gnarly Number Ones for September 2013

Hiya Loves!

A few days late on this one, been a stressful week! This is the first post that hasn't been "scheduled" in quite some time, so it's nice to write you in real time!
Let's get to the good stuff...

Favorite Tried Polish - China Glaze Goldie But Goodie. I couldn't gush enough about it when I swatched it, and I still can't. For a gold polish lover, it is PHENOM:

Favorite Untried Polish - A ton. A metric ton. I have the OPI Miss Universe trio sitting on my desk and I'm super itching to get it on, so I'll say that one.

Favorite Indie - I can't pick one. I just can't. I swatched some great Indies this month, so instead of one, I will just show you a couple that I adored so hard I couldn't choose between them:

Favorite Untried Indie - I still have SOOOO many. So many. I'm hoping to get through my Halloween themed Indies this month though, which are a couple from Ellagee, Lynnderella and maybe try to get to some of my My Ten Friends polishes, too.

Biggest Milestone - I had a few cool thingies happen last month for sure! Incoco put me in their Blogger Spotlight, which was super awesome to get recognition like that from a big brand. I also helped out my friend Laura who runs Ruby White Tips with a special Breaking Bad/Science mani for her Breaking Bad Collection, and Nail It Magazine featured it and some of my product shots of her collection during a giveaway they did. Pretty sweet. I also helped to launch the official Digit-al Dozen blog and subsequent social media. We're all very excited about that project - go check it out if you haven't yet!

Most Viewed Post - You guys seemed to really enjoy my post about the Ruby Wing color-changing polishes from the Cupcakes & Champagne collection! I'm glad - because that was only my second foray into videos, I'm glad it paid off!

Favorite Manicure - Well MY favorite was absolutely my Starry Night Mani for The Digit-al Dozen Art day:

Favorite Product - Well...last month my Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum pen took its last breath. And I loved it, but it wasn't until it died that I realized how much I loved it. It's out of stock, its expensive, and I'm sad. it was THE perfect cuticle treatment (serum, NOT oil) to throw on after I painted my nails that soaked in so quickly that you couldn't even see it in my photos.

Favorite New Technique or Tip - I'm loving monochromatic stuff, blue on blue, black on black, matte and matte but slightly different. 

Favorite Collection - The Chirality Nails From the Crypt collection won me over BIG TIME last month. I know sometimes this is upcoming collections, but this month I'm talking about previous. You need it. It's amazing.

Favorite New Thing In General - Figuring out how to take glow in the darks with my new camera. And adjusting my white balance to work better with my lighting. It's the little things...oh and Hershey's Drops. 

Favorite TV - Sleepy Hollow is pretty good. And my fall faves It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Eastbound & Down and Boardwalk Empire.

Favorite Video Game - I'm back to loving Candy Crush after FINALLY beating that damn level I was stuck on for so long it made me quit. And we are liking GTA5, even though we haven't had a chance to play it much since we got it.

What were your favorite things this month!?

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