Nautical Wonderland

So yeah - today is the Mexico prompt for 33DC - and mine was just a fail.
I waited til the last minute because I was slammed all weekend with BS, and then once I did it at the last minute it was a total suck. So I'm just not doing it. I've stressed myself out with trying to get a weeks worth of manicures done before tonight because I won't be able to do them the rest of the week til basically Sunday. So I'm annoyed and that makes me just say eff it. So...I effed it.
Instead though! Instead you get some super cute nautical decals to check out.

These are the water decals from Born Pretty Store I got for review. They retail for 1.99 for this package. It has a ton of cute stuff in it - crowns, anchors, chains, keys, tons of letters...

For this mani I used American Apparel Factory Grey as a base, then I sponged on some spots of Sally Hansen Commander In Chic. When dry I sponged some specific areas where the decals would lay over with American Apparel Palm Springs.

These went on like standard water decals, I cut out my designs, removed the top layer of film and then dunked in water for about 20 seconds. Pull it off its backing and placed it on my nail, then top coated!

My favorite here is definitely the anchor nail - next time I try these I will probably just use the nautical designs - but I thought this would show a good variety of what is available on the sheet.
Use my code below to save if you decide to do some shopping!

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