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Hey guys!!

I have spent this past weekend doing a massive amount of coding.
I had recently worked on a couple of blogs that really expanded my knowledge and love of coding blogs/websites. It got me wanting to update mine a bit - so I wanted to address some new changes you may or may not have noticed going on here:

- There is now a collections slideshow at the top of the homepage. This will slide through my 5 latest collection posts so you can see what the latest collections I have reviewed are. This isn't a new feature...I rolled it out about 1-2 weeks ago, however, it is now new that it ONLY shows on the homepage, so it won't make each post page load so slowly, or show it to you EVERY time you read one of my posts, now only when you are at the homepage of the blog. Did I say homepage enough?

-Speaking of the homepage will only show you a snippet of each post, with a "READ MORE" feature. This cuts down on load time and you don't have to scroll through huge pictures and posts to get to the next one if you are reading directly from the front page. It's slightly more gallery style, and hopefully easier to navigate and less busy.

-The sidebar is getting slightly made-over. Its big and it's messy and I need to cut back on all the garbage I hoard on it. I have removed a few items already, such as my inane profile, keyword/label search and regular search box. There is now a new search box right at the very top of the page (top left corner) so you can search to your hearts content.

-Less site "cosmetic" related but still site related...December will be the last month for the Gnarly Neighbor feature. It has been a feature I was really proud of, but it isn't getting too much interest and I think in 2014 I am going to be doing a much more intense overhaul and really want to minimize things around here. SO join while you can! The last Gnarly Neighbor giveaway will run in November for a spot on December.

Thats about it. Now I REALLY need to get back to editing a ton of OPI swatches so I can bring you a post you actually care about!!

As always - thank you so much for reading! I always appreciate your input and want to make your time here as pleasant and easy as possible, so never hesitate to drop me an email or a comment if you have an issue or a bug or a general word about anything!

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