The Digit-al Dozen Does Skittles - Day 1 - Mondrian

Oh man you guys.

For a theme I started out hating, I totally went above and beyond what I sometimes think I am capable of with the nail art this week for Digit-al Dozen. 

It's not ALL great, but some of it is...well...just look at this one.

This month our theme is Skittles. Not the candy, even though you could do that, but the skittle mani - a different design/color on each nail. Essentially, no two nails alike.

So I did Mondrian Art! Mondrian style art is something I have been wanting to do forever. At one point I thought I was the only one to think it up, but then before I got a chance to do it, it started popping up here and there and I just tossed the idea to the side.

The colors in this mani are Color Club Mamba (Red), American Apparel Manila (Yellow), and Sinful Colors Burning Bright (Blue)

I basically just striped black one way vertical and one way horizontal, nothing fancy or clean, just so I wouldn't have to paint over an entire nail of black. After it dried I taped over the black stripes and painted white in all of the boxes but one. In the other remaining box I painted red, yellow or blue, and pulled the tapes off.

It's sort of an abstract take on Mondrian but I simply love it!



Image Map

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