The Digit-al Dozen Does Skittles - Day 4 - Sort of Chevrons?

It's Day 4 of Skittles for The Digit-al Dozen.

So I told you we had some fancy new members, did you also know we have a full-on fancy new blog/website and a ton of ways to follow the entire group now?

Go check it out -

For todays skittles, let me tell you what I used first (from left to right):
Pinky - American Apparel Passport Blue & Essence Jacobs Protection
Ring - American Apparel Army Jacket & Zoya Yara
Middle - Orly Cherry Bomb & Sinful Colors Laced Up
Index - Sation Super Nail-Tural Powers and China Glaze Fancy Pants

I put creme base coats down on each nail- then when it was dry I used those star stickers you find in the stationery section (like red, gold, green, blue for little kids) and I put it so one point of the star was going up and then there was a straight line across the nail, like you can probably tell above how I placed it.

Then I just painted over the tips with the shimmer coordinating shades. The green was hard to find a cream and shimmer that were close, so that one definitely looks different and more obvious than the others, kind of like an accidental accent nail.


Image Map

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