Update of Sorts

Hey guys.
Still gone.
My computer problems continue. I can't seem to figure them out.
I have lost all of my programs and all my stuff inside photoshop (fonts, filters, brushes, etc) - and while I don't need a lot of this to blog, I do need it for the design work I do...so I have spent the better part of this week trying to reinstall all of my necessities.
But it's been hard because whatever crashed, crashed my wifi signal pretty badly. Where I once used to get a great signal, I now can hardly even load up an email/let alone upload photos to the blog.
The only way I get a good signal from my router now is to virtually be on top of it,and that involves sitting in another house entirely.
Which is fine for the daytime, we live on the same lot as my boyfriends mom, so I can go in her house and use the better signal, but its not something I can do, at say, 11pm. Nor do I like the fact I can't be in my own house using internet.
So something has to give. I hate the thought of only being able to blog or use the internet in general during business hours and my only option left at this point is to back up ALL of my stuff and reinstall Windows, and then just hope that that works. I hate it, this computer isn't even a year old to be having these kinds of problems but I am out of ideas and fixes for internet solutions.
So unfortunately, this takes precedence over the blog, the nails, and the rest of it.
Until I can get it sorted I will be away - sorry guys! I miss you!!

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