Ab Fab Challenge - Day 1 - Saffy

Today starts a new challenge!

It's a short little 5 day one - about the old british tv show Absolutely Fabulous.

I used to LOVE this show so much back in the day, and a few weeks ago something reminded me of it, and I thought it would make a FANTASTIC challenge!

The 5 days of prompts feature all of the outrageous characters as well as some of the more subdued - Edina, Patsy, Bubble, Saffron and Mother!

The first two days of the challenge are the mild days - starting with the two more 'boring' women on the show, Saffy and Gran (aka Saffron and Mother). Today is Saffy day!
Saffron is Edina's daughter, and is the polar opposite of Edina in pretty much every single way. She is frumpy where Edina is outrageous, she is smart where Edina is a little vapid. She is responsible, where Edina is basically carefree. I love the dynamic of these two characters and how they can seemingly care less for one another.

I was trying to get the hang of my squishy stamper finally, and my refusal to give up is what you see here in the places where my stamp didn't fully reach the sides of my nail (though I seem to have gotten the hang of it by the time I reached the index finger)

My polish colors are OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh (base) and then I stamped with 2 scraped together Mentality polishes - Strength and Tempest. On the ring finger I stamped with China Glaze Passion.

My stamping plates were MoYou Artist 11 and Bundle Monster BM408.
The ring finger symbolizes Saffy's math, always doing homework and science projects. And the other finger represents her terrible fashion choices, as shown below in that hideous sweater:

Saffy on the left,, with Edina on the right.

Yes, this is Patsy, but she's talking to Saffy, my favorite quote in the show ever!

Eddy throwing a fit and Saffy just ignoring her as usual.

I love her sarcasm...

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