Ab Fab Challenge - Day 2 - Gran

Welcome to Day 2 of Ab Fab Week - today features Gran - aka Mother - aka June Monsoon.

Gran is Saffy's grandmother and Edina's mother.

She is also another total opposite to Edina, much more like Saffy in her demeanor, dress and overall persona.

Whenever I think of Gran, I am reminded of old lady cardigans and her always sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine or doing some sort of puzzle in a book.

So I'm writing this up at the weekend and realizing it's going to post on my birthday - and I think, well, that's appropriate then - to do this old granny mani on my 40th birthday. pfffft. I hate aging!

So obviously - I went with some crossword/word jumble type designs, and mixed them up with some rose patterns to mimic the style of clothing she would wear. The base is a mashup parchment type base I made using a mix of neutral polishes and saran wrap/sponges.

Then I just stamped on in black with stamp images from Pueen 22 and BM415 and 416. Followed by a matte top coat.

As the future rolled around, Gran moved on from newspapers and magazines to an iPad! Thats her on the left. It's funny how much she looks like my own grandmother these days!

Haha I love the dymanic between family members, you would think they were arch enemies most of the time!

Gran is so clueless all the time!

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