Ab Fab Challenge - Day 3 - Bubble

It's time for some fun!
Today is Day 3 of the Ab Fab Challenge - which begins with the more whimsical ladies of the show - today is Bubble!
Bubble is the crackpot assistant to Edina who wears the most crazy outfits that almost never seem to match. 
She is a total airhead and yet somehow she is a hilarious and likeable character. Her accent and voice completely crack me up whenever she is on screen.

For bubble I went with a bunch of totally random patterns that match only barely in color.

The middle finger is my favorite just because it reminds me of that giant furry white coat Bubble wore in Season 1 (pic below)

The index is some randomly sized dots over pink, the middle is white texture over pink, the ring finger is a tape patterned gradient over pink and then I did a rose on my pink in black over a pink glitter base.

She is so nutty - how can you not love her!?

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