Ab Fab Challenge - Day 4 - Patsy

Hey sweet peas!

Today I have a double-whammy!

Day 4 of the Ab Fab Challenge and also a fab review for some glasses I received to test out that fit PERFECTLY with today's theme...

My review part of this post is for a pair of eyeglasses I received to review from Firmoo.com

Day 4 - Patsy was the perfect day to review these glasses - if anyone could pull off a great pair of cat eye glasses, it was Patsy!
The glasses come packed in a hard shell glasses case. It snaps shut super tightly, too! Always a plus in my book.

The inside of the case is lined and fits the glasses perfectly. How cute are they!?!

The glasses also come with a soft drawstring bag/case, a cleaning cloth and a really cool repair kit. The repair kit consists of 2 replacement screws and a keychain screwdriver. The screwdriver is awesome - its two sided, one is a phillips head, the other a flat head, to repair any glasses you may need to!

I chose frame style F017 - The Cat Eye, in Black. The glasses are extremely well made, they have a hinging arm that moves with your head without stretching out the glasses, a feature I really appreciated. They fit nicely and have a nice weight to them as well.

I didn't get a chance to take any pics of me WEARING them as I look atrocious right now and was trying to get this post up for its Thursday scheduling. So expect an update of these being worn soon enough.
Here are some infos on Firmoo:
They offer a First Pair Free Program where all you pay is the shipping by using code FIRMOOFREE! Talk about an awesome no obligation trial! They are so worth their cost, but FREE!? Woo!
They also offer a really cool feature on their site - Virtual Try-On! Any glasses info page you go to on their site offers an element on the side where you can upload your own image and see how the glasses will look on you! I love stuff like that! 

Patsy...so misunderstood. Patsy is Edina's best friend, an editor at a posh fashion magazine, and a complete party girl. Well into her 40s AT THE LEAST, she thinks she's backstage at a Stones concert about 95% of her life. She's crazy and Fabulous with her signature beehive hairdo.

Now on to the nails you've sort of seen this far. Apparently, AbFab is a crazy show that I got really subtle with this week. I think I should have planned the challenge a little further out...right after I planned it for this week a ton of stuff came up that made my time really short sided to get reviews and challenges done, so more or less these were not nearly as wild as I wanted to get. I mean 3 out of the 5 days of this challenge are NUDE!!

So anyway - I went with snakeskin because it reminded me of Patsy's Snakeskin coat, the gold glitter accent because she was always wearing gold and then the fun studded one to match her camel coat with the gold and amber studding all over it! Patsy was a nut job, drunk, drug user, but she was always impeccably dressed and classy.

The dynamic between Patsy and Edina's daughter Saffy is hilarious. Patsy treats her like the plague or some sort of devil spawn.

Or smoking a pack of cigarettes all at once!

I have to leave you with this amazing clip because it is by and far my most favoritest Patsy moment, when she burns down the kitchen:

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