Friday, November 29, 2013

Ab Fab Challenge - Day 5 - Eddy

Hey loves!
Did all my US friends stuff up on turkey yesterday?
We actually are having Thanksgiving tomorrow...but we spent the day out with my boyfriends mom and stepdad doing some shopping - it was our first foray into a black friday situation and we actually had a lot of boyfriend only cussed twice the whole night! for nails - today is the last day of the Ab Fab Challenge and it's a good one - Edina!

Edina aka Eddy, is the one always wearing the most bizarre outfits, so I did a mix and match of some abstract versions of her getups through the years.

I think my favorite is the orange ring finger with the studs and rhinestones combo.

I've also done some sort of pucci-esque designs on my pinky and index by doing a watercolor technique and stamping over it in pinks, blues and purples.

Then for the middie I did a blue leopard design.

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