Back in Time - Disrupted Water Marble

Let's get this week in gear with some funk!
Smashley Ashley and I are back to our Back in Time business and today I took on a flippin' water marble.
I must love that girl, because almost all she had to choose from for last November were water marbles...
I hate them. They are a pain in the butt, the messiest of any nail art EVER and I suck at them. It's true.
So I spun it into something I could manage...

Here you can see Ashley's mani on the left - a gorgeously colored and executed water marble...and then my WTFWM on the right. I'm sure you can figure those initials out.

In fact, this isn't a goof up - I loved so much what Meghan of Will Paint Nails for Food did during our Black and White Week for Digit-al Dozen last week that I absolutely HAD to try it. This is called a DISRUPTED Water Marble.

For this mani I used Zoya Dove, OPI St. Petersbugundy, Julep Brandt and American Apparel Pink Ladies.

It was basically the same concept as water marbling, only before you dip in, you spray something alcohol based into the marble and make it a spotted type water marble. Thats why there are corroded, holed out areas.

I don't hate it, or love it. It's just...there. The idea is wicked awesome and I might do it again when I get over the memory of the cleanup. Ashley did a kickass job on hers, I could never even get close to how wonderful she got hers to look!

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