Chirality Presents - Black Is The New Black

Guess who has something AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME for you guys today?!?!
Did you guess me? Because it's MEEEEE!

Seriously, it's me.

Chirality is releasing a small, 2-piece collection this coming weekend (along with their monthly LE polish, Snowblind).

The collection is titled Black Is The New Black, and as you can guess, it features two incredibly sick black polishes. Come along and check them, and their inspiration, out!

**This post has content that may deemed inappropriate for persons under the age of 17

The Black Is The New Black collection features Soska and Counterintuitive.
Did you also notice the super cute new LABELS they have?! It's hard to see on these darker polishes but they actually have little skulls all over them!

First up we have Counterintuitive - a beauty of a jelly polish in black that oozes with blue and holo glitters.

This is 1+ coats of Counterintuitive. Not only is it really beautiful and unique, but it's also heavy duty opaque!

Due to its opacity, you have to do a little dabby with the 2nd coat. The first coat is a great base, the + coat is where you want to drop those big glitters so they don't get buried in the black. But look at how gorgeous this is! It's not troublesome to do or apply, just know that this black is DARK and almost everything in the first coat will fade away on the second, so tread lightly upon coat number two.

Formula was great on this, if a little on the thick side, but I think when you get big circles like this you need that thickness. I stored the bottle upside down for 2 days and it never budged, the glitters are perfectly suspended in this polish.

As you can see in this collage, those holo glitters really pop under differently lit angles. Its like planetary fantasy right on your fingertips.

And here is the stunning Soska. Soska was named after the (in)famous Soska Twins...aka the Twisted Twins.
If you are a fan of horror movies, especially the more underground variety, you may know the Soska sisters from such films as American Mary, Dead Hooker In a Trunk as well as the upcoming See No Evil 2 and ABC's of Death 2. They are a writing, producing, directing and acting powerhouse team, check them out:

They've also got an upcoming release in XX, an all-female horror anthology:

Soska is the creme de la creme of holo. It was virtually a one coat polish!

This is the first true linear holo that Chirality has done and they blew it out of the barn. Even my boyfriend oooohed and aaaahed all over it when he saw it!

This does show the polish at 2 coats, but that was just for photography sake. The formula is spectacular and the holo rainbow in this polish is to die for!

The upper right of this collage is intentionally blurry to show the holo awesomeness by the way! How epic right?

This is the Soska sisters wearing Soska! Does that blow your mind?
How creepily cute are they!? Have you even SEEN American Mary? They are so cool in it (yes, I HAVE seen it, it's amazing, and it's on Netflix if you have it)

These two polishes, as well as the new LE, Snowblind (sold in VERY limited amounts) will be available for purchase on November 16th. To keep up to date, follow Chirality on Facebook. And keep these links handy to shop, all polishes available in both shop locations:

Chirality on ETSY
Chirality on BIGCARTEL

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