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So for the last several months I have become obsessed with Elevation Polishes.
Sadly, my budget doesn't allow me to buy a bunch of them, so I get some here and there and pick the ones I absolutely can't live without.
Then they sit in my untrieds looking sad and lonely...but this week I broke them out of their untried prison to show you every Elevation I own...a sad little 8 of them! But they are all so divine - hope you enjoy!

First up is Dykh Tau - a beautiful mint blue holo. The holo is light, I guess because the polish is light, but it gives it an airy, ethereal look.

Then we have Quartz Monzonite layered over Dykh Tau. This one is a glitter topper full of black, grey, wine and gold, overall. It's like a giant block of rock got busted apart and splattered across your nails.

Here is Gobi - a caramel apple colored holo with a very obvious green duochrome effect! This one is sooooo cool!

This is one of those polishes that escaped my radar entirely, but my lovely friend Jolène sent it to me and I could not be happier with this beauty. See that color shift?!

And then I layered Dzhangi Tau over Gobi. Dzhangi Tau came in a set with Dykh Tau. This is a gliter topper with white and minty blue glitters, its super icy and beautifully dainty.

Limestone. A creamy off white with gold flakie glitters. Perfect formula on this, thick but amazing, 2 coats only!

Layered over Limestone is Haba Xueshan - a glitter top coat full of black, white and icy mint blue glitters. This one has beautiful circle mint blue glitters, my favorite!

This is the newest addition to my Elevation collection - Toubkal. One I had wanted pretty much since I learned about EP - a wine polish with gorgeous gold/copper shifting flakie glitters.

Depending on the light you can see all kind of cool stuff in this one!

And THIS polish - Huangshan (layered over Toubkal) was the very first Elevation I ever bought, and it's had appearances on the blog before. But not like this one....

I love how this combo brought out all of the amazing iridescent glitters in Huangshan...its got cool blue and teal sparkly bits that I never even knew it had before this! I've said it before, but it bares repeating - this glitter is a MUST HAVE. I know its been discontinued, but she does have a new, lighter version of it though.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my Elevation stash!
Make sure and check her shop out HERE and her blog HERE.

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