Hey yooooooooooou guuuuuuuuuuuys!

It is officially THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR!!

After mooooonths of waiting for new who....the 50th Anniversary special day is finally here! So excite!

I have to find a copy lickety split since we don't get a channel its on nor are we very close to a theater its showing in this weeked, so no spoilers!! I'm hoping by next week I'll have seen it! Anyway - in honor of this momentous day, many bloggers have banded together for Doctor Who manis!

I didn't really have plans to do a DW mani, but Kerri over at PishPosh and Polish told me about the blogfest for it, and I had some time so I figured I would! My only other DW mani's have been purely Dalek related, so I thought it would be cool to do something more 'all-encompassing' this time around.
Basically - my favorite parts of Doctor Who!

On my pinky I have the best - The Dalek. I did this in gold, then striped it and painted over it with a matte shimmery brown from Mentality that I forget the name of. Then I added some gold studs.

Doctor 11 - Though honestly, my favorite Doctor is Nine, I came to like Eleven quite a bit, and he was easier to draw than Nine was! I started with a base of OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh, then I striped the shirt button placket in off white and white for the buttons. I did the suit jacket with the same brown as the Dalek, added the bow tie with red acrylic paint and outlined everything in black.

Rose! Rose Tyler is my favorite part of Doctor Who and I am SOOO excited she will be back for this special! So I did a nail for her! I used Colors by Llarowe in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to simulate space, and then I did the roses in 2 shades of pink and some cream, and 2 greens for the leaves.

Then of course - the Union Jack..gotta have that. Its OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay for the blue base, then I striped on red and white acrylic paint.
So there you have it - are you excited about The Day of The Doctor? Or are you not into Doctor Who?
I resisted the DW hype for a long, long time. Then one day about 9 months ago, I gave in. And I was totally hooked by the 2nd episode!

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