Leesha's Lacquer - A New Indie on the Rise!

Today I have a new to me Indie brand to share with you all!

Recently, the super sweet Alicia Rose, founder of Leesha's Lacquer, contacted me asking if I would like to review some of her polishes. 

I'm not the type of person to just automatically go YES FREE GIMME, but when I took a look at what her shop offered, it was a no brainer!

These are the polishes I was sent to review - from left to right there are:
Red Red Wine, Pink Punk and Song of the Seas. Each one a little different than the next.

First up is Red Red Wine. A polish that in the bottle might fool you into thinking it was a velour type finish. It isn't. Its a gorgeous dark burgundy with tons of silver shimmer running through it.

The makeup of this polish very much reminds me of a Manglaze or an OPI Suede polish. It's deep and complex and the silver shimmer completely evolves the polish into another shade than its mere burgundy base.

The burgundy is warm, the silver is cool, and it makes this polish just have a crazy cool sophistication. This is a thick formula, my only complaint about it. I don't mind a thick formula, but this took 3 coats (though you could manage 2 if you aren't taking macro photos of your nails like I am) and 3 thick coats gets a little...thick. Still, 2 is manageable and becomes much less of an issue.

And then I matted this beast. It brings out a redder tone and it is just DIVINE.

Next up we are showcasing Pink Punk. A clear based glitter topper with pink and silver and then some fun pops of color thrown in ever so slightly that they barely register on your nails, which I LOVE.

Shown at only 1 coat over a base of Revlon Spun Sugar (from the Parfumerie line).

There are just the tiniest hints of blue or yellow or orange on each nail, I think it's so cute to have those unexpected colors in here. And I love the squares!

Here I've shown it matte, which isn't too big of a difference when I've got it layered over a metallic like this, but it's still cool!

And lastly we have Song of the Seas. A white based crelly with lime green, teal and black squares!

Formula - amazing! This is only two coats. A white that coats in 2 coats is pretty epic. A white with glitter that coats in 2 coats AND doesn't bury its own glitter? MEGA EPIC.

Glitters dispersed nicely onto my nail, I didnt have to fish anything extra out, and I basically just did a normal polish application.

MATTE? OMG I am so in love with this one! It's so fun and different and when I matte it it reminds me of breath mints.

I would find it difficult to even pick a favorite from these 3 I tried, they were all totally different from one another and all had something really cool to bring to the table.
You can find Leesha's Lacquers here:

Alicia even gave all of you lovelies a discount!
The code in her shop will get you 20% OFF!
Offer expires 12/17/2013

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