Me again!

Hi again guys!
I think this post brings good news!
After spending hours and many brainwaves, I think we got my stuff fixed, or at least patched.
I managed to bridge a connection between my laptops internal network card and an external one to boost my connection back to almost normal, and after my photoshop had an install crash, i even got an upgrade! so hey - silver lining guys!
If in fact this good stuff keeps up, I am hoping I can spend today actually doing my nails and getting some important stuff up instead of all of this wordsmithing.

In other news though...

I have to announce the winner of the November Gnarly Neighbor Giveaway - it was Allison from Love in a Bottle and she will have sidebar glory for a full month starting now.
Due to my internet troubles, I unfortunately have to cut the Gnarly Neighbor giveaway now instead of next month.
I wanted to do one final giveaway for it before ending it, but in the event my net continues to flake, I don't want to turn it into another burden to deal with right now. Who knows - maybe something better is on the horizon!?
In other news - thank you for all of the kind words and advice about the computer. I think they worked!!

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