Put Your Dupes Up! Gossip v. Excalibur

Hello there all you little sweetie pies!
Hope you're all having the best week possible!
Today I have another in the 'Put Your Dupes Up' Series! These always seem to be a big hit with you all.
Today's featured fight is A England's Excalibur Revamped v. China Glaze's Gossip Over Gimlets. Both fairly new polishes that seemed nearly identical when swatches of them started popping up. Let's venture inside and see what the outcome is!

In the bottle, China Glaze looks...darker and more uniform. But are your eyes just playing tricks on you?

Before you go further, can you tell the difference? Can you even SEE a difference? Are your eyes playing tricks, or is the light?

Interesting! Excalibur seems much golder and somehow richer. Gossip seems to have smaller gold particles, and less of them, giving it a more overall silver look.

But then you throw a different lighting angle on the two and....which is which?!

To be honest, the difference in these two polishes is SO miniscule. But they come from two different continents, and depending on where YOU live, one of these may be much easier to get your hands on than the other. I don't think you need both, I think you just need whichever is easiest to get/is within your budget, as in MY case/location the A England is double the price of the China Glaze. Formulas were about the same, both opaque at just a coat, but 2 for good measure. A England never fails with a perfect polish and China Glaze steps up to match that with this polish.

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