The Digit-al Dozen DOES Black & White - Day 2 - Dainty

Here it is, Day 2 of Digit-al Dozen Black and White week.

This isn't exactly how I intended this mani to go...but sometimes when I have ideas for stamping in my head, they get changed when I see a different plate than the one I was after and the light bulbs start turning on.

I have this awesome MoYou plate that has random borders on it, it seems weird but the minute I saw it, I had to buy it. And then it sat in waiting...when I dug through my plates looking for a floral design, I saw this plate and decided this was the direction I was meant to be going in.

Here is Artist 08 plate by MoYou. Have you heard enough about MoYou yet? It's on the lips of every nailista in the know and there is a reason why - they are about the best out there. Design wise, they have stuff on their plates like no one else - I want them all!!!!

So what I did was I started with a base coat of Nail Foundation by butter LONDON to knock off some of my natural nail look but still be...natural(ish).

Then I sponged on white to the tips, making sure to be kind of messy about it, I didn't want it to look too conventionally french manicure, but a messy reimagining.

Then I stamped on this border design with some black polish and top coated!


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