The Digit-al Dozen DOES Black & White - Day 3 - Boldy Black

Welcome to Day 3 of The Digit-al Dozen DOES Black & White Week!

I had a couple of ideas for this week left over in my brain, that I REALLY wanted to do, so I decided to combine them into one manicure, and that becomes todays armor nails mixed with reverse striped nails!

Let's go look!

I've used some awesome black and white studs from Born Pretty Store here today. The Black are available HERE and the white HERE. They are both 1.5mm sized and run approx 5 to 6 dollars, depending on the color you choose. I don't know the exact amount you get in the bag, but it's a ton. At least 200.

Tada! I did this with them! I love it so much!  It took soooo long just to do those two nails because the studs are LITTLE, but I love the end result. The black was a lot harder to see than the white was, but it still turned out pretty decent for feeling like I did that black nail almost blindly.

The other two nails were done using my Reverse Stripes Tutorial. I just used black and white polishes by Sinful Colors for those.

I finished everything off with some top coat and C'est La Vie!

Also - use my code at Born Pretty to save some dough!


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