The Digit-al Dozen DOES Black & White - Day 5 - Abstract Snowflakes

Hey hey ya'll!
It's Friday!
I've spent my short time awake today dealing with website junk. My friend Vic messaged me to tell me my site wasn't loading without the www so I went to investigate and come to find out, somehow when I transferred my services over 4 months ago, they somehow reverted back in the last few days to the older host. Pain in the butt, but 15 minutes or so with live chat got it (hopefully) all squared away and fixed. If you are having any problems reaching the site past today, please let me know! Anyway - let's enjoy Friday with our final Digit-al Dozen Black and White mani - I think you might like this's one of my favorites of the week!

Today I have another review to throw into the mix of this mani - some wicked awesome HEX STUDS YA'LL! These awesome studs come in silver or gold, which you can find HERE at the Born Pretty Store for $4.99 (for a package of approx 150 pcs)

So I did some 3D snowflakes, very abstract snowflakes...

My polishes are textured - OPI Emotions (Black) and China Glaze There's Snow One Like You

Then I just added the hex studs, followed by some smaller round gold studs and then some teeny tiny gold microbeads/bullions/caviar beads.  What do you think? Its actually a gorgeous design in person, but the longevity is short-lived with the micro/caviar beads because you cant really top coat the textured polish to seal them in! You COULD top coat, and then go over that with a dotting tool and the polish to texture it back up I suppose.

If you like any of the studs, they are ALL available at Born Pretty - use my code below to save some dough if that's your thang:


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