This is not a goodbye....

So....last month one of my favorite people, Leslie, left our Digit-al Dozen gang. Leslie is the woman behind work/play/polish if you aren't aware. She left a really big hole in the group and in me when she made the choice to leave.
Leslie is someone I admire so much for SO many reasons, and is one of those people I was so lucky to cross paths with via nails/blogging. A bunch of us in the group decided to pay a tribute to her today in honor of her time in the group with us, as well as just in honor of HER.  While I will miss her in our group, I know we will remain friends for a long time to come and I look forward to seeing all of the amazing things she is going to accomplish.

So I chose to pay my tribute to Leslie via her Comic Nails during Skittle week last month.

I adore comic inspired designs like this, it's something that has been on my to-do list for quite awhile. And you might possibly have noticed that the typeface as well as the halftone patterns are both very prevalent right here on the design of my blog, so this is a big favorite with me.

When Leslie did her Comic Nails she said they were a complete bitch that took her 3 different times. Unfortunately, with all of my computer problems this week, I totally forgot we were doing this and I did these VERY last minute, so I didn't have the luxury of the three strikes rule, but I certainly wish I had because these score a big needs improvement with me.

They're ok for first time out on the fly nails I guess, but you guys know how much of a semi-perfectionist I can be!  

So - a few last words to my dear friend Leslie.
Leslie - I wish you so much success in your future. You have shown me what it means to reach for your goals and to work hard, and how sweet that hard work can be when it pays off. I have seen you go from a small nail blog to a BRAND, and I know there are so many big things in your future.
I cherish the times we were able to talk, and laugh, or even disagree, and though I will miss your presence and soul in the Digit-al Dozen, I know it won't ever go away and you will always be with us! You definitely push me all the time to go further in my art and my blogging, every time I visit your blog, I am blown away by what you do, even if its only a swatch! You are one to watch and I am glad to know you my friend!

Now please check out what some of the other Digit-al Dozen ladies did to honor Leslie!

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