Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gnarly Number Ones for November 2013

A few days late but here we go!
Sorry - been a little under the weather so I'm moving slow this week! But I didn't forget about the month faves! I did not do a round up over the week because last weeks posts were just the Ab Fab Challenge, so I didn't see the point in it! But hey - let's check out what I loved last month!

Favorite Tried Polish - For a mainstream polish I'd say my favorite was China Glaze There's Snow One Like You. I know most people aren't enjoying it, but I've worn it three times already, so I'm pretty sure I'm loving it!

Favorite Untried Polish - This is ALWAYS the hardest question every month - especially this one because I got a lot of awesome polish for my birthday! I'll say Marc Jacobs Petra, because I did try it on a nail wheel and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Favorite Indie Polish - Song of the Seas by Leesha's Lacquer got a lot of comment love this month, and for good reason, she's a fun one!

Favorite Untried Indie - I got a lot of indies in November, from gifts to buying myself gifts...I've become slightly obsessed with Femme Fatale polishes and scored a few of those I am super excited to wear - like Abuse the Ooze, The Fruitcake is Not a Lie and Cinders of Sleep. I doubt they'll ALL see the light in December, but January for sure!

Biggest Milestone - it's been pretty quiet around here. I made 3k likes on Facebook and the blog saw a lot of pageviews, and that is good enough for me!!

Most Viewed Post for the Month - The OPI Holiday 2013 swatches were the biggest viewed post for the month of November, but only by 3 views! The OPI Take Ten set came in a close second place!

New in My Stash - I meant to be more on top of this this month, but it got away from me. I have been working on my favorite polishes of the year and all things tried and untried got intermingled together, yet to be untangled!

MY Favorite Mani - Probably my Bold Black & White for Digit-al Dozen Black & White week:

Favorite Product - Getting reacquainted with my squishy stamper has been interesting. I dont think I have the right kind though, so I just bought a new one!

Favorite New Technique Or Tip - I enjoyed the above mani and doing the whole studding the full nail - it was time consuming but it was SO WORTH IT!

Favorite Collection - I'd say it was the Chirality Black Is The New Black Collection. I always love what Amanda and Jason put together.

Favorite New Thing In general - My new Betsey Johnson purse I got for my birthday! I also got a wicked awesome Dinosaur sweatshirt I can't live without! And I got a custom Little Lazies Frankie set my boyfriend got me for my birthday as well!

Favorite TV - We are loving Revolution right now, and I am personally obsessed with The Carrie Diaries!

Favorite Video Game - I hate Candy Crush. I've been stuck at level 350 for what feels like months now. I picked up Clumsy Ninja recently and that has been a fun distraction.

What are your favorites from last month!?

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