Honorable Mentions of 2013 - Mainstream

Merry Christmas everybody!

I hope I'm spending it in pure relaxation mode - the holidays wear me out!!

Anyway...here we go with my picks for the top polishes and collections in your local salons, boutiques, drugstores and specialty shops!

I preface my honorable mentions list(s) by saying the following: any one of these could have made my Top Ten, but I tried to limit myself to not turn these into Top 50 lists! Some of these polishes were bought even AFTER I started these lists, because with my birthday and xmas, I got stuff, and I really wanted to try and grab some of the most recent releases to not just have polishes from January til October and nothing newer. I also preface by saying that I don't get access to every indie/polish and every restock or new release. My choices are based on the easiest availability (and probably always will be, I dont buy into restock madness nor do I have the patience for it), and what *I* like. I don't buy full collections and I don't buy the hottest thing that everyone else is blogging about. I buy what I will enjoy for the long haul and because money is tight, I don't get to have it all!

Best Mainstream Polish Brand of the Year - OPI

I'm certainly glad in the year 2013 I made the OPI Blogger Network, because they had a banner year and I'm glad I got to try every single collection they released this year. It was probably my biggest achievement this year to make their list of reviewing bloggers. It's always a fantastic day when UPS arrives with a box of OPI, let me tell you. From the glittery goodness of OZ to the more recent redness of Mariah, OPI was on point this year with textures everywhere and fantastic shades of burgundy, turquoise, and even peanut butter.  They released more than half of my top ten favorite textures and have me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the Gwen Stefani collaboration set for January.

Best Mainstream Polish Collection of the Year - OPI San Francisco

San Francisco offered us a lot of different color options, as well as finishes. They brought in some cream textures and some weird colors, and I loved every single one of them.

Best Boutique Brand of the Year - Sephora X

Sephora X is a new venture, one I just barely jumped on, and I was immediately ready for the ride. It started with a gift from my friend Jolène (Follow Gashin) and then a trip to Sephora where they have an entire nail bar of the stuff. It's hard to refuse a collection that comes out of the gate with THAT MANY COLORS! At publishing I only have 4, but that will spiral out of control I am sure! They are the first mainstream brand of polish I have seen really compare to Indie polishes when it comes to glitterbombs. Check out their one color matte glitter polishes - OMG.

Best Drugstore Polish Brand of the Year - Sinful Colors

If I am ever feeling the need to buy a quick polish (and lets be honest, who isn't ever feeling that way?) - I head to Walgreens. I can always find something in the Sinful Colors range I like or don't have. They offer many finishes and colors and release tons of collections throughout the year that have a mix of new and re-released colors. I love that they bring back old favorites with new shades and don't ever make you feel like you need it all because you probably already have some of it! And they are COST EFFECTIVE! You could do serious damage to your collection numbers on a 99 cent sale! I'm not sure how many SC polishes I had at the end of 2012 but I know I easily tripled it this year.

(photo courtesy of manicuredamateur.com)
Best Drugstore Polish Collection of the Year - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat (1st Edition)

The thing that sold me on the Sally Hansen textures polishes was the black. I wanted that black texture from Nails Inc very badly, but in a set of polishes with nail art supplies I already had, it just wasn't an efficient purchase for me. So I waited, and Sally answered. There were some seriously great shades in their introduction Sugar Coat collection, I have a few so far but am working to curate that further.

Honorable Mentions:

Catrice - Petrolpolitan

Catrice - Squeeze me

China Glaze - Galactic Gray

China Glaze - Goldie But Goodie

Color Club - Silver Lake

Hard Candy - Hip Hip Hooray

Illamasqua - Pink Raindrops

Nicole by OPI - Blueberry Sweet On You

OPI - A Piers to Be Tan

Sephora X - Demolition

Sephora X - TNT

Sinful Colors - Leather Loose

I hope you guys enjoyed these posts for the end of the year favorites!
I do have one last post tomorrow showcasing my "other" loves this year!
Merry Christmas!!

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