Merry & Bright - Incoco Winter/Holiday 2013 Review and Swatches

Today I have a great grouping of Incoco Nail Appliques to share with you from their newest offering for Holiday 2013 - Merry & Bright.

I toyed with my camera setup recently and I'm sad to say it was pretty unsuccesful. When I took these pictures I thought they were gonna turn out great, but instead my hands seemed weirdly posed and the lighting was wicked terrible. I was able to color correct pretty ok to get everything looking as it should, but I'm really sorry if these seem different than my normal images - I have a slew of manis that will be like this through next week, but then it's back to the tried and true! It is true what they say - if it aint broke, don't fix it!

Incoco sent me the following appliques for review from the Holiday 2013 Collection:
Pass The Bubbly, Merry and Bright, Gift Wrapped, After Party, Have a Blast and Ice Queen.

These are the Ice Queen wraps, with my own embellishment of green askew tips followed by top coat.

These are a glitter wrap, they seem a bit sheer when you pull them off of the sheet, but they actually have perfect coverage. They are a silvery, slightly blue tone and remove SO MUCH EASIER than actual glitter polish!

Next up is Gift Wrapped - also my own embellishments here with the gold glitter tips. Ya'll know me, I can't just have something simple going on!

These wraps were perfection to work with - they are similar to the plain creme appliques but they don't show every single imperfection because they have a pattern to throw your eye - so I'm liking that!

Here I've left off the embellishments and just done 2 of the designs together - this is After Party and Have a Blast - 2 very different type of glitter appliques.

Have a Blast is the purple/copper gitter - a fine smattering that almost replicates a galaxy.
After Party is a chunkier blue/silver/turquoise ensemble with lots of bling! Again - super easy to use and remove!

Merry and Bright - a sort of marbled effect here in red and pink on a pale gold base.

More metallic than glitter or shimmer, with my own added snowflake design accent nail on the ring finger.

And lastly we have Pass the Bubbly - a champagne gold metallic applique. 

Here I've used Pass the Bubbly as a base for my ring finger accent nail, and then as a ruffian design on the other nails. These are very delicate and ripped off just a smidge jagged on the edges, probably not the best for doing a super precise ruffian curve, but oh well!

Incoco Appliques are of the highest quality wraps I have ever tried, I'm always beyond impressed with not only their quality, but the great designs they continuously come up with.
To get your very own - head over to the Incoco shop!

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