The 12 Days of Polish - #10

I have something for you that I'm very excited about!!

I've been working for weeks now preparing the next couple of weeks of posts to bring you MY favorite polishes of 2013.

Jump to the post to read how this will be compiled and what you can look forward to!

So - in todays massive nail polish industry, we know that there are way too many polishes to ever try them all...and no huge amount of top 10 lists will ever show you the same 10 polishes I assure you. I myself couldn't even narrow down the polishes I've gotten this year to only 10 favorites.
And I haven't even gotten that much compared to what a lot of bloggers and polish lovers are able to get their hands on.
This 2013 list of favorites will be compiled into 6 parts.
Top Ten Indies
Top Ten Mainstream
Top Ten Texture
10 Honorable Indies
10 Honorable Mainstream
My Top Favorite Things This Year
Everyday up until Christmas Day I will be doing a take on The 12 Days of Christmas, but it will be The 12 Days of Polish and it won't involve 12 of anything at once!
Instead, every day I will show you the countdown from 10 to #1 - and then on the final 2 days you will see all of my honorable mentions.

So today we have my #10 Favorites of 2013:

In the Indie spot for #10 is Literary Lacquers - Laters, Baby.
(2 coats)
A gorgeous brown holo glitter polish. This was gifted to me by the lovely Debbie many, many months ago, and this is the first time I've worn it. I set aside ALL of my polishes that were released this year, whether worn or untried, and swatched every single one before I made my decisions. This one had to be in the list. It's such a unique polish and fits in very nicely with my fabulous brown polish collection!

Red surprisingly finds its way onto my list with Maybelline's Color Show Brocades line, this one in Crushed Crimson, for the #10 Mainstream spot.
(2 coats)
This is a beatiful combination of red, gold and copper in a thick, glittery base.

In the #10 spot for Texture is OPI Jinx.
(2 coats)
Jinx is a glitter texture combination of orangey/coral and gold. It KILLS with top coat but it is equally divine without, as shown here.

Stay tuned for tomorrows #9 polishes of the year!

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