The 12 Days of Polish - #2

Here comes #2 of the Top Ten!

These all easily could have been Number Ones, but just barely got squeaked past by a few others...don't let that fool you though, these are all exquisite polishes that you NEED in your life, trust me!

#2 Indie - Mutagen by ILNP (aka I Love Nail Polish)
(3 coats)
OMG. It's a beetle, on my nails, ya'll!
I'll be honest...the whole ILNP thing escaped me for awhile. I saw it everywhere but it didn't interest me, all those chromes and holos, they're not my bag. But when I started piecing this list together I knew I had to at least give one a try to see what all the fuss was about. Well you can tell by the fact this is #2 on the list, that the fuss is worthy. This ultrachrome shifts green, gold, purple, lavendar,'s all over the map and I swear if you have this on your nails, the only thing you are doing is being distracted by them. It is impossibly amazing.

OPI My Vampire Is Buff is hot at #2 in the Mainstream category. 
(3 coats)
This polish became ALL THE RAGE this year for neutralistas and nail artists alike. It is a GO TO polish for pretty much anything you can think of. It has a great OPI formula, possibly a bit streaky on your first and second coat, but the polish is just divine and beautiful in its simplicity.

#2 on the Texture list comes Lick-O-Rich by Sally Hansen
(2 coats)
This was the texture answer for drugstore polishes this year. Sally Hansen came out with at least 2 Sugar Coat collections of colors, but this black, this was the one that stole my heart. A satin texture in pure black, it runs very close to OPI Emotions that was recently released, but this has no glitters and is just a great, edgy, everyday texture.

Tomorrow is Number One Day!
What do you think it will be?
What do you think I raved about this year?!

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