The 12 Days of Polish - #4

Day #4 on the 12 Days of Polish Countdown - I might say this is one of my favorites, but I think it's safe to say that I will say that for the next few days as well!

All 3 of todays polishes are ones that I haven't had very long, and NONE of them have been on the blog before!

#4 in Indies is CrowsToes: Heart Shaped Box of Horseshit.
(1 coat over OPI My Vampire Is Buff)
OMG. A gorgeous fall fiesta of glitters. This was (I think) a Valentine's Day collection polish, and I loved it immediately, even if it took me 6 months or longer to finally buy it. Gold, brown, orange, is just eye popping with metallic mayhem.

#4 in the Mainstream category is Petra by Marc Jacobs
(2 coats)
Marc Jacobs hit the beauty scene pretty hard this year, and at first I was able to resist his line of lacquers, which started out with just a few rather boring creme choices. But then out of nowhere there were many, many more...and I could longer hide my interest. This was a gift for my birthday that I begged for. It was the only MJ polish that interested me at the time and I was soooo not disappointed when I got it. The minute you hold that bottle in your hand, you feel like a different person. I don't know what it is, but the bottle makes me feel like a million bucks alone. The polish inside is not much different. Petra oozes personality in her shifting color and shimmer, sometimes purple, sometimes brown, sometimes on the verge of a color I can't even name. Its got a foil finish and is almost a one coat polish.

Texture comes in hot at #4 with Zoya Carter.
(2 coats)
This is not fully dry so the texture shows less prominently than I would like, but I'm sure you've seen this one around. When I decided to create this list, I didn't own Carter. In fact, I didn't own ANY pixie dusts from Zoya. I wanted them, but something always got in the way of ever owning any of them. So when it came down to polishes I wanted to show in this list, I knew I needed to own Carter...and I was right. The minute she arrived she was on my nails and in the list. A stunner of a purple shimmer with hints of pink - if you don't love this polish we are gonna have words!

OMG you guys! Only 3 more to go!!!
Come back tomorrow to see #3!

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