The 12 Days of Polish - #5

Number 5!!

We have officially reached the halfway point of the Top Ten polishes of 2013 (according to me)!

This is where everything starts to get REALLY good and glittery!

#5 Indie - Femme Fatale Abuse the Ooze
(2 coats over Color Club The Lime Starts Here)
Abuse the Ooze was a Halloween offering from Femme Fatale and the moment I saw it on a blog, I was smitten, hard. Unfortunately, they took quite some time to reach the Femme Fatale US Supplier (Color4Nails, amazing products and ship times FYI) - so I had to have more patience than I am used to - but it was totally worth it. A green jelly full of awesome various shades of green glitters, most of which are the years favorite - CIRCLES! It runs a bit sheer so I did some layering, but that isn't a must as the formula isn't so thick you can't layer it.

#5 for Mainstream polish comes in the form of Julep Ciara.
(2 coats)
Ciara won my heart instantly. She's multichrome and shimmery and she isn't afraid to show it. Changing it up from purple to teal to blue with a very interesting shimmery counterpart, there is always something interesting to see when you move your fingers!

Coming in at #5 for Textures is Dance Legend Malachite
(2 coats)
Another polish that captured my heart at first glance, this one was sort of disappointing when I put it on and didn't see any of that shimmer everyone else was seeing. It's there in the bottle, but it seems to get covered up on the nail. It works as a gorgeous dark green texture, but the fun part comes when you remove it and realize the shimmer IS there. So when I wear this polish, I take a paper towel (or something NON cotton/fibrous) and I run some acetone across the top of the dry polish to knock off the top layer and let the shimmers through. Maybe a bit of extra work, but trust me, so worth it.

Are you excited for #4? Come back tomorrow!

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