The 12 Days of Polish - #6

Well here we are, rounding out the bottom 5 of the top 10 list with Number Six today!

Today has a very diverse grouping of colors, I know you were thinking it was going to be a sea of blues and browns and teals - and hey you were right! 

More blue, more brown! HA!

The #6 spot in the Indie category is devoured by Chirality Polish and Devils Night.
(2 coats)
Devils Night is a stunner of a crimson verging brown jelly polish with a DEVASTATINGLY gorgeous blue shimmer! Its vampy and decadent.

A newer release, number #6 in the Mainstream category is Bright Pool, by The Gap
(3 coats)
Touted as another Aqua Lily dupe, this one does not dissappoint! The formula is thick but sheer, so three coats are needed to really level it out, but color me impressed. I bought another AL dupe earlier in the year that left me wanting, so this filled that void up quite nicely. Not to mention on a sale I picked this up for 3 bucks and some change.

And rounding out the #6 slot for Texture is #69 Sand by Perfect Lacquer
(2 coats)
This is a foreign polish I picked up mid-year and it was love at first box opening!
A glowing neon green with shimmer texture - this will see a lot more use in the summer!

Ready for the Top 5? Check back in tomorrow!

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