The 12 Days of Polish - #7

Hey guys!

Today I'm bringing you my Number Seven picks of the year - seems to be a bit of a brown trend.

Truth be told, when I held up ALL of my top polishes (and honroable mentions) together, lots and lots of brown and blue! I guess those were my favorites of the year!
Let's see what #7 brings us!

#7 on the Indie list is Ninja Polish 100% Colombian
(2 coats)
100% Colombian is a shifty polish, showing signs of green and gold at extreme angles...I had a hard time photographing anything remotely shifty - but even if this was just a brown shimmer polish it would still be one of my favorites!

Coming in at #7 in the Mainstream category is Revlon Autumn Spice - from their scented polish line, Parfumerie.
(2 coats)
Ah! If you want an easier to find alternative to 100% Colombian you might be happy with this one. No color shift, but there is some gold glow to the shimmer for sure. And the smell....omg it smells like gingerbread and pine trees - DIVINE!

And then we have our Texture category - and at #7 here comes OPI Solitaire.
(2 coats)
This polish was a winner right out of the gate for me - I can't even count how many times I've worn it this year, but it has got to be in the double digits! Pure white with shimmer and silver microglitter - it is impossible to find an occassion you couldn't wear this for!

Make sure and come back tomorrow to see Number Six!

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