The 12 Days of Polish - The Number ONE Polishes of My Year!


The Day has come!
The Number Ones!
Look - there they are------>

Come on , let's look at the closer.

Number One for Indie should be NO surprise to anyone who reads my blog as I have gone ON AND ON about this polish on many occasions. Huangshan by Elevation Polish.
(1 coat over ILNP Mutagen)
A slightly yellow translucent jelly filled with highlighter yellow neon glitters, most of which are CIRCLES!
It also has some opalescent glitters that mostly sparkles an aqua color, giving it a very cool extra edge you kind of weren't expecting, but that works so perfectly with anything you wear this with. I can't praise it enough, I have worn it at least 5 times this year, and with the amount of polish I have, that is almost unheard of. Sadly, this is discontinued. Lulu has created a newer more muted version of this with a more pastel yellow, but you can always scour blog sales for this one!

Number 1 in the Mainstream category is Greenberry by Barry M
(2 coats)
Greenberry launched with a spring line full of gorgeous, glossy cremes. Each one beautiful in their own right, but Greenberry took my breath away immediately. It is a gorgeous cross between mint and baby blue, but punched up to an almost neon volume. 

And the Number One Texture of the Year? #73 Sand by Perfect Lacquer
(2 coats)
Hard to tell in my photos but this pink texture is NEON. It applies beautifully and has a great looking shimmer texture. This and its green sister (#69) that was also in the list, they're gonna be must-haves come summertime!

So there it is.
You've seen my top picks of the year.
Come back tomorrow to see what didn't make the list but was still totally awesome!

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