The Digit-al Dozen DOES Red, Gold & Green - Day 1

It's time for some holiday festiveness with The Digit-al Dozen!
This months theme is Red, Gold & Green - and while I'm sure most of the ladies thought outside the box, I did a ton of more holiday themed nails.
Since I'm not hugely into Christmas like some, these are probably the only holiday themed manis you will see from me for winter holidays - get em while you can!

 So this month, the Digit-al Dozen is taking on holidays via traditional red, green and gold.
This is not a combination that I drew much inspiration from, but I soldiered through it and came out somewhat on top, i.e. I like maybe 3 of the manis I did this week!

I'll start off by saying I don't know what colors I used here, and I pretty much don't know for every mani this week. I grabbed almost every red, gold and green polish I own and spewed them out all over my nail table and THOUGHT I took pics of them as I went on to each mani, but clearly I did not.

So what we have here is a red to green gradient base. On that I stamped a fishnet design in pale gold metallic.

Then I added a border of gold studs and finished off with top coat!

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