Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Red, Gold & Green - Day 2

Welcome to my blog!
It's always nice to get a warm welcome, right?
Today I'm showing my Day 2 mani for The Digit-al Dozen's Red, Gold & Green week.
I'm pretty stoked on this one, its a design I've tried before and miserably failed at (in other words, its never hit the blog) - so I was pretty glad this one turned out above mediocre...

For todays mani I re-created the 80's Triangles style tape mani from Nailside. This one can be tricky in the placement and size of your triangles but I think I did a pretty good job this time out. You would cry from laughing if you saw my first attempt several months ago...

I do happen to know I used an American Apparel polish for the green, Hunter, maybe? The gold is by Paula Dorf and the red is a no name sheer red from Searne.

My base is the gold metallic, then i took corners of tape and applied them in different positions on each nail then I painted the green on.

Once that dried, I used 2 pieces of tape per nail to create overlapping triangles, and used a sheer red to show all of the underneath shapes and lines!

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