AND then....A Sticky Nails Review

Hi loves!
Today I have a super cool little item to review. You know I love tape and FUN manis - so todays review is definitely something I was SUPER excited to use and show you, since it combines tape AND fun!

So here are they cutie cute cute little shape stickers by Sticky Nails. They come in a bunch of designs, but I was into the "Accent Nails" pack that had a combination of cool stuff like mustaches, hearts, lightning bolts and AMPERSANDS (which is what I'm showing you today)

The sheet of stickers also comes with an adorable little instruction sheet so even a first time taper can master this! Word of advice here - these stickers are SUPER TAPE! I have been doing tape manis for awhile and consider myself nearly pro at it, so I know how long to wait for my polish to be truly dry, and these suckers lifted my polish straight off! I suggest applying the sticker to the back of your hand and when you are ready to use it just pull it off and apply it to your nail. Much better the 2nd time around!

Here is the Ampersand applied to my base coat (ILNP Cygnus Loop)

And the finished mani! I sponged on Sally Hansen Satin Glam in Taffeta over the Ampersand nail and then I applied a matte top coat.

The middle finger is some random purple polishes I had sitting around, I just kind of brushstroked them on like THIS neon mani I did over the summer.

The pointer and pinky are ILNP Cygnus Loop with Hare Anemone Gardens on top. Oh how I love this glitter!

Everything was finished off with matte top coat and c'est la vie!

To get your own adorable nail sticker stencils, visit the Sticky Nails Store, you can also check them out on Facebook!

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