Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Monochrome Week - Black on Black

Todays post is old.
You haven't seen it before, but its still old.
And it's pretty obvious, because my nails look so nice in this post, before fall when they started breaking all the time and I couldn't do anything to make them grow nice (this is because I stopped using Rejuvacote, which I will never do again).
Anyway - this and the fact that TWO of the manis I did this week have all but disappeared from my computer so I had to pull a mani from the vault!

For todays monochrome mani I started with a base of Chirality Polish Soska, the most perfect pitch black holo you've ever seen. I reviewed it a few months ago HERE.

On top of the holo I added stamping from a Messy Mansion plate (I forget the name but you can comment me if you want me to look it up) using Cult Nails Fetish.

The ring finger is an anatomical ribcage design and the other nails are splats.

I was lucky to find such a fitting mani in my vault. Man...I sure miss my nails looking this nice. Hopefully in about a month I'll be back to this shape!

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