Distressed Foils

Todays post is part review and part "when manicures go horribly wrong" type of deal.
I've had this product sitting on my table for way too long waiting for my review and it has just been one thing after another to get it up and out...read on to see how this thing has plagued me from day one.

So for review I have here these super cute and blingy gold foils with holographic shifts and cute little stars. Well I got these to review from KKCenter Hk. When I got them, I had a full tube of glue. The first time I attempted to review these, my glue had gone awry and just would not dry. Of course, this isn't something I could just go to the store and replace, so I had to order a new bottle. That took forever and a day to arrive (NOT from KKCenterHK by the way). I left it sitting on my nail table and when I was ready to review these foils, glue is nowhere to be found. Like I'm fairly certain my cats run off with it and I'll find it when I move out or something. So I decide instead of waiting forever for another I will pull out the old glue and see if its changed any. Nope. Still won't dry. But I just can't keep on waiting so instead I try to turn it into something positive. The glue is not drying timely, it used to take 5 minutes and now I'm waiting over 20 for no dryness. So when I applied my foils here, most of them just pulled back off. No amount of burnishing them would get them to cleanly come free. It's not the foils, it my glue. SO here I had this distressed foil look, which is not what I was going for. but it did still look pretty cool, so I decided to run with it and show you some art instead of just straight foiled nails.

The pinky and ring are the nails where I had enough foil left on the nail to work with. So I added some distressed brushstroking on top of them. Brushstroking is a technique I've been loving for awhile, but Chalkboard Nails took it to whole new level when she turned it into "distressing". Here I added Sally Hansen Taffeta and black polish brushstrokes. On the non foil nails I started with Taffeta and added some black and gold.

The foils ARE awesome, I can't wait to use them again when I get yet another bottle of glue for them! They are very flashy and metallic! They retail for $6.92 for so much it's practically a lifetime supply, and upwards of that price if you add glue to your pack. AND if you use my coupon code below - save even more!

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