GOT - Pink with Snowflakes

So I've had a pretty challenging week.
This post should have been up nearly 48 hours ago, but as fate would have it, I got sick on the day I procrastinated to do it. And then just other stuff - it's been rough but here we are - post in transit!
My bud Debbie has created this cool little challenge to use our trieds, so todays prompt is PINK - I took out a pink I haven't used since when I first bought an wore it well over a year ago!

These are the prompts for this challenge - pretty fun. I have a lot going on from now til the end of February so my activity in this challenge will be limited, but I wanted to at least attempt a couple of them!

I decided to mix this challenge prompt in with a review because thats what bloggers do, try to kill two manis with one polish, or something.

This item from Born Pretty Store (#104 Silver Snowflakes) comes in a package of 50 pcs of rigid little nail decorations. These retail for $3.18

For this mani I started with a base of (my golden oldie pink) Manglaze Lesbihonest (2 coats) and one coat of Catrice Million Dollar Baby.

I then topcoated and attached the snowflakes to the wet top tocoat.

I do love the whimsical aspect of these snowflakes, and the perfect timing to use them during all of this crazy weather! I do wish they were more flexy, but they still serve a fun purpose, just not a super functional one!
If these interest you (and they have other cute designs in this style, like roses and butterflies, etc) - make sure to use my coupon code to save!

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