GOT/Digit-al Dozen Monochrome - Grayscale Skittlette

Today I have a "double-whammy" for you guys!
Not only is it a piece for the Digit-al Dozen's Monochrome Week, but it also fills in as a prompt for the GOT Challenge (Golden Oldie Thursdays) - so look at me - multi-tasking posts and gettin' it done!

So for todays doubleheader, we have this. I loved this mani so damn much I kept it on for nearly a week and put off doing the rest of my DD manis because of it. Don't you hate when you do something so awesome and you have more to do but you just CAN'T bear to grab the acetone?

For this mani I've used (in order of lightest to darkest):
Pure Blameless, Color Club Silver Lake, Zoya Dove, NARS Storm Bird and Pure Limitless.

My fave is totally the middle finger (hahah!!) sounds about right.


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