Honey Bunny Lacquer - The Alice in Chains Collection (Partial Collection Swatches & Review)

Hey weekenders!
I've got a sweet little trio of polishes to show you today from a brand thats new on this blog - Honey Bunny Lacquer.
The polishes I'm showing you today are from her Alice in Chains collection. Now, if you're old like me, you know who AiC is - in high school we freakin' LOVED Alice in Chains. Even now, decades later, their music still stands the test of time, despite the death of two very prominant members of the band. Needless to say - I love this collection and its inspiration, pretty hard! Come along and check it out!

Going forward on the blog there are some new things you might or might not notice.
I built a pretty epic lightbox. So my pics are lit WAY better now. 
I also adjusted my camera settings to be MUCH clearer. 
So hopefully I have got the majority of my learning curve handled with photography, its always evolving, but I think almost everything in the drafts folder contains new lighting shots, so yay!

First up is Black Gives Way to Blue - a deep dark base full of bluish violet shimmer and sparkle.

Shown here at 2 coats - you know, I don't know when it happened, but somewhere I became obsessed with colors like this, sparkly, murky, fascinating blues.

This polish walks the line right near black without looking blackened. It LOOKS blue, but under certain lights it can pass for black.

Formula on this was fantastic. 2 nice regular coats and a top coat just to pop some extra shine on.

Dark, mysterious - so beautiful!

Next up is Frogs - here is where you can see the difference my camera and lighting settings have done for macro shots. So happy! This polish is a clear based glitter full of metallic green and blue. Squares and hexes - fantastic combo!

I've layered one coat of Frogs over Nicole by OPI Goodbye Shoes.

As you can see, at one coat you get a really good glitter coverage. This could be a full coverage glitter in probably 3 maybe 4 coats.

I love it - the formula was divine and I was able to just plop this on like any old regular polish, no special application necessary.

Some of the glitters in this are holographic, so you get a nice bit of extra sparkle, too!

Lastly, my favorite of the trio - Rotten Apple. This is another clear based glitter full of reds and bronze - some of it is holographic so you get fun little sparkles of randomness like magenta and silver too.

This is ONE COAT. So much glitter cover here I would not be surprised to see full opacity at 2-3 coats for this one.

I've layered Rotten Apple over Nicole by OPI American as Apple Pie, a perfectly paired red creme..

Red and gold is one of my favorite color combinations. I don't care much for reds as a solid, but give me a glitter and this will always be my favorite type of combination. It just looks like FIRE.

Now - you can pick up Honey Bunny Lacquers thru their Etsy Shop.
They retail full size for $7.00 - which is an amazing price for Indie polish - so don't miss out!

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