Incoco Valentines Day 2014 - Sweet Surprise

Hey sweeties!
It's almost February, and so begins the mass hysteria that is Valentine's Day.
You may or may not celebrate it, you may or may not like all the cutesy hearts and pink and red everywhere, but you have to admire there are some fun nail stuffs that come out this time of year. Leave it to Incoco to rock Val Day with some amazingly sophisticated AND whimsical new appliques!

Incoco has 5 new designs out for Valentines Day. The collection is called Sweet Surprise and has something for everyone.

First up is Double Date - I used only one applique style for this mani because the design is just so busy and blingy it does not need anything else! It features hot pink and silver glitter in reverse heart designs.

All of the appliques apply equally easy no matter the design/style, though I do find the glittery version to be slightly less forgiving if you get a crease in the sheet.

Next up is a mani I made using two designs, Yours Truly, which is a pink base with red handwriting, and  Made With Love, which is a fun white base with red to pink sugar spun  design. 

I cut the appliques up a bit and in the case of the middle finger I used a star cut out punch and outlined the design with red polish.

And lastly the other two designs in the collection I used together as well. Here we have Sweet Surprise, which is a light pink glitter base with holographic square and bar glitters on top, and Love Spell, a pale pink base with little clotheslines of hearts and bows.

For this mani  just applied the appliques in the standard way with no fanfare. Love Spell showed a bit of creasing because the creme appliques are just that way, but the glitters are much easier to apply withouth much trouble.

What do you think of this adorable little collection?
They're all available right now on the Incoco site, and also make sure and keep up with Incoco at the following social media locales:

Make sure and use Promo Code "GNARLY15" to save 15% off your purchase now through February 20th!

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