It's Sherlock Day! AKA #ManiLocked2014

It's Sherlock Day!
Ok - well let me re-phrase that - it's Sherlock Day in the USA!
I realize a lot of you have already seen the whole season, but it's just starting tonight over here, and unlike most things, I decided to wait and NOT download it and watch it organically.
And in honor of the US Premiere, a bunch of bloggers are doing Sherlock Inspired Manicures today. If you have one to post, you can hashtag it on any social media as #ManiLocked2014

So for my Sherlock mani I was immediately drawn to the wall in Sherlocks apartment. I love that old timey Damask wallpaper, I love seemed like THE thing to do.

But oops...I started the mani thinking I had all of my bases covered and then only when I'm writing this post now do I see that my skull is the wrong color! I thought it seemed off when I was doing it. Oh well!

The base of the mani is OPI My Vampire is Buff. The stamped brown shade is Nicole by OPI Promises in the Dark (told you it stamped good in my review the other day!)

The skull, grey frame and happy face were done with acrylic paints.

The stamped design itself is from MoYou plate Tourist 07.

Now check out the #ManiLocked2014 Hashtag Gallery on Instagram:

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