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I have a really cute little item to share with you today!
Funny story about this manicure.
This week I saw this gorgeous polish on The Crumpet and I thought to myself "Well, that isn't something I normally would buy (its sort of red) but it is STUNNING" and then I had wished I'd seen it when I had placed my order a few months back with that brand. As I was digging for polishes to stamp with for this mani, I remembered the Mentality polishes stamp really well and I still had a few of them I'm digging for them and I remember the polish I loved on Debbie's blog was a Mentality and I think, omg how awesome would it be if I HAD bought it in my last order? Turns out, I DID!!! Happy dance! 

So today I am reviewing this plate, QA51 from Born Pretty Store. It is a standard stamping plate with images that fit my nails perfectly and are what I would call a good "standard" size, they should fit MOST nails. The plate retails for 2.99

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Dark Bronze, which is a gorgeous olive brown shimmer. Shown at 2 coats.

Afterwards I stamped 4 of the lace tip designs on using Mentality Tempest.

The images transferred very smoothly, any blurriness is I think a bit of smearing from top coat, because the design was also all over my skin and super super crisp.

Definitely a super cute bunch of designs on this plate and I love the versatility of the designs, you could do half moons or french tips or all kinds of fun stuff with them!

Make sure and use my coupon code below if you decide to purchase!
Again - the stamping plate retails for 2.99 and can be found HERE.

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