Literary Lacquers - The Community Collection (partial review and swatches)

OMG are you snowed in?
We're in Georgia where it rarely snows in winter and we had all kinds of crazy this week with snow and weather and school closures. Woosh. If you are in a snowy place, I hope you're safe and with power and heat! It is COLD!
SO today, today I have a gloriously beautiful collection to show you from the always awesome Literary Lacquers. This is The Community Collection that came out around the fall of 2013, I don't have all of it for you today but a good chunk of the large collection to show you.

Today I've got for you:
Sidewalks End, Thermodynamics, My Red Hair, Phenomenal Woman, Love You Forever, Camille Sepharial D'Artigo and Shift of Fate

Shift of Fate - a green to gold color shifting polish with linear holo

Shown at 3 coats - no top coat

This polish is a medium toned green with a slight yellow gold shift. 

Formula was great on this one, I also found it had some glitter particles in it too, so its not JUST holo - but isn't the holo in this glorious? If I of all people was able to capture it, you know it's fantastic in person!

Sidewalks End - light grey linear holo

Shown at 3 coats - no top coat

This is a light grey, kind of reminds me of platinum, like a tarnished silver - its truly gorgeous, I certainly have no holos this color as it truly is GREY and not silver.

Another tremendous formula, a little sheer at first but coats up nicely.

My Red Hair - a orange to red color shifting shimmer polish with some sporadic glitter particles

Shown at 4 thin coats, no top coat

This is a beauty - it has a nice subtle color shift of oranges, coppers, pinks and reds

This was the sheerest of the polishes I tried in this collection, but also one of the most beautiful as well.

Thermodynamicsa sheer cherry red jelly polish with a blue glass fleck and a touch of blue iridescent glitter

This polish is also a bit sheer but builds up fantastic as its a jelly, so you get all of that glorious depth. The cherry red of this jelly shot out straight hot pink in my pics

The sparkly shimmers in this polish are EPIC too....this is a definite winner!

Shown at 4 coats - no top coat

Phenomenal Woman - a pinkish purple to burgundy color shifting linear holo.

Shown at 3 coats - no top coat

Again - great formula, great holo - subtle color shift but you can see how it's more pink in some pics and more wine colored in others.

This was another surprise favorite of mine - its just so pretty and original 

Love You Forever - sky blue linear holo

A beautiful sky blue pastel holo with wonderful formula!

Shown at 3 coats - no top coat

Another great holo in this one too!

Camille Sepharial D'Artigo - a really interesting mix of a bluish purple jelly base and then holo and black glitters and microglitters and then a cool teal shimmer/flash

If you look at my ring finger here you can see that cool teal flash I mentioned above!

Everything in this polish you can see on the nail - this is a very interesting and packed polish!

Shown at 4 coats and top coat

Make sure and check out the Literary Lacquers Etsy Shop to see the entire collection, as well as all of her other great polishes. Literary Lacquers stands high on my list of favorite brands without question, make sure and check them out on Facebook and Instagram, too!

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