Moon Sugar Decals - Love and Diamonds!

Hey yo!
I have a fun little couple of manis to share with you today based around some decals I was recently sent to review by Moon Sugar Decals.
I have reviewed their decals before, which you can see HERE - and I'm back with some new designs they just launched!
And since metallic nails are all the rage right now (at least they are in my house) - I figured I'd slap these puppies over something shiny!

I couldn't decide, so they sent me sections of two different design packs that I liked. 
These are sections of the Heart Assortment and the Diamonds Assortment.

First up is the Diamonds. I took the circular diamond patterns and turned them into some fun flowers!

The base of this manicure is Essie Penny Talk. Then I added a circular pattern of dots to create some petals using black acrylic paint (because it dries faster).

When the paint dried, I top coated and slid the water decals in the water one by one. I simply applied them to the center of the petal circles to create the inner parts of the "flower"

Finished with some top coat. I loved this look soooo soooo much! What do you think of it?

And next up we have the Heart water decals. I kept the red as the accent and did the other nails in black.

The base for this manicure is Essie No Place Like Chrome. Then I applied the heart decals on top of that.

I added some simple polka dots around the hearts using red and black polishes.

And again, just swiped some top coat on and we're good to go!

Moon Sugar Decals has lots of really cute and fun water decal designs, as well as the option to have your own custom designs created.

The decals themselves are very easy to use and slide off their backing in about 10 seconds. They do seem to have a thicker decal weight than some I've used before so I do suggest cutting the design as close to its borders as you can to avoid any lines in your design.

Use Code "20GNARLY" at checkout to SAVE 20% OFF any order on their site now through Feb 28, 2014!


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