OPI - Gwen Stefani Collection Swatches

I have been burning my heels off pacing away for this collection to land on my doorstep. Part of it came last week, but as I was about to post it, I found out that the rest of the pieces would be coming in shortly, so I held off to show you the full collection all at once.
As a longtime lover of No Doubt/Gwen Stefani/LAMB, I can tell you that this collection is SIGNATURE GWEN all the way. Maybe not the most groundbreaking, but this is what I would expect of a collection bearing the Stefani name, and it did not disappoint.

Here is the entire Gwen Stefani collection for OPI - It consists of one chrome polish packaged with a special base coat, a satin shimmer, a glitter, a satin glitter, 2 cremes and one Collection Box Special Edition creme with nail art accessories.

4 In The Morning is a black/dark charcoal satin finish polish. Satin means a little more sheen than a matte and usually with some shimmer. This has a sort of tarnished gold/silver shimmer.

This is a really edgy but fun polish. Again, it's nothing super groundbreaking, I know I probably have a couple pretty similar already to this, but it's Gwen, and it fits well.

4 In The Morning also had a fantastic formula, shown here at 2 coats with no top coat.
Hey Baby - a hot pink creme with a great shiny finish.

It's a nice, medium hot pink - good formula, 2 coats no top coat.

I Sing In Color - a vampy dark dark red creme with an amazingly glossy shine.

I thought this would be a bit sheer but I was surprised it also only took 2 coats to reach opactiy.

Very much loving this, no matter how many similar polishes I have to it, the formula on this one is probably the best of the shades I have like this.

In True Stefani Fashion - a highly concentrated amount of silver and silver holo glitters in small with some squares and hex shapes as well.

I didn't think I'd be a fan of this one, but I was surprised again because the glitter is dense in this and really packs a punch.

Shown here at 1 sponged on coat over 4 In The Morning (with Push & Shove on the index) and finished with matte top coat.

Love.Angel.Music.Baby - a pale champagne gold satin glitter. If you are familiar with This Gown Needs a Crown from the Miss Universe collection, this is the same finish only gold instead of silver. So excited to have a set of these now because they are awesome polishes, these satin glitters.

This also proved to be one of my favorites just because of the name. I loved Gwens LAMB collection, when her LeSportsac bags first came out at Nordstrom I was always clamoring to get them - man I wish a crazy ex hadn't trashed all of my stuff or I'd still have those.

Formula on this was lovely - 2 coats. Shown here and above with no top coat.

And here and below are Love.Angel.Music.Baby with top coat.

There's not a HUGE difference with and without topcoat, but the topcoat will smooth the polish out just the amount it needs to be perfectly smooth.

Here comes Over and Over A-Gwen - the collectors item of the collection. Gorgeous red box with Gwens signature on the front.

The front actually opens up for the big reveal of not only the polish, but a crazy gorgeous signed image of Gwen as well.

Over and Over A-Gwen is a sassy pinup red creme. Not too vampy, not too innocent - just right in the middle there of blue-red beautiful.

Great formula AGAIN - shown here at 2 coats with no top coat.

Nothing says Gwen Stefani like red does, this is absolutely the same color as her signature red lip.

Included in the Collectors Box is also a packet of nail art studs and a bottle of nail glue.

As well as a pamphlet with some photos and nail art ideas - awesome!

Push and Shove - obviously the most talked about polish in the collection and the most coveted. With good reason. This is the closest I think a polish has come to being mirror-esque. I'd heard a lot of terrible stories about how it shows every ridge and imperfection on your nail, but I didn't have that problem, and let me talk a little about that AND the special base coat.

One thing that I wondered about this polish and the special base it comes with, is why is the base coat SO small if you can ONLY use this polish with THAT base coat? Well...you don't have to. I've seen people say they had terrible problems with the polish when they didn't use the base coat, but I didn't find that to be the case. I actually prepared for this mani by using a few different base coats: Rejuvacote, Seche Ridge Filler, CND Stickey and the Lay Down that Base coat as well. No problems across the board. Just make sure its very dry before you apply Push and Shove.

But isn't this just beautiful!!?!?!
I did use a few layers of base coat to avoid any bumps. I've got 2 coats of Rejuvacote and 1 coat of Lay Down that Base under 2 coats of Push and Shove here. I have even used this in another mani as a stamping polish and it is PERFECTION! Make note that application of this polish needs to be faster than what you would normally do and with less strokes. If you go over a section more than a little bit, you will have some snags. But really, its a beautiful polish and I had little to no problems with it at all.

Gwen Stefani by OPI includes the following seven limited edition nail lacquers: Hey BabyI Sing in Color,Love.Angel.Music.Baby.4 in the MorningIn True Stefani FashionPush and Shove* and Over & Over A-Gwen**.
Gwen Stefani by OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application. This promotion will be available beginning January 2014 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $9.00 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each nail lacquer. The boxed set including Over & Over A-Gwen and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will retail for $14.95 ($18.95 CAN).
For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com. Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become aFacebook fan!

*Must be worn with Lay Down that Base, which is complimentary when purchasing Push and Shove
**Sold only in a boxed set including SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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